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I do believe this may be my first post...
Although this isn't technically London Theatre if my theatregoer is to be believed then it will be soon.
I'm recently back from Dublin where i have been reveling in the Theatre Festival that i had no idea existed until i was looking for an excuse to go to Dublin.
I managed to pick up tickets for Bronte...being a Fenella Woolgar fan and being interested in 19th Century literature...this seemed a logical choice of play.
I was impressed...very deeply moving...
If you know the story it's a hell of a lot easier to follow. I did see some blank faces during the interval and a woman next to me kept explaining what was going and who everyone was to the chap next to her, which was deeply irritating. I'm guessing this had more to with the audience though than the play. I think most audiences in britain would instinctively know at least part of the story. 'Tis so deeply embedded in the general mythology of the country.
Anyway, yes, definitely recomended and if any of you are Fenella Woolgar fans you should DEFINITELY go. She's is sublime as Charlotte.
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