A Little Bit Crackers (mmmcrack3rs) wrote in london_theatre,
A Little Bit Crackers

Phantom of the Opera

Best Andrew Lloyd Webber still out there. Always was the best, always will be the best. London theatre rules! I really wanna go see something new! I think the last one I watched was Jailhouse Rock.
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I never saw that. The only Lloyd-Webber I've see is Cats, when I was about six. It was really amazing, though. Ever seen any Shakespeare? The Globe is the main one in London, though Stratford gets all the Royal Shakespeare Company shows first, before they transfer.
nope, no shakespeare. I've seen Cats twice. Fantastic. :P me and dad always had a giggle about a tubby kinda woman, who was obviously breathing in the whole time, and the best moves she could do was a roly poly.
I love cats. You should see some Shakespeare. If it's done properly, it's brilliant. If it's not, it really can make you loose the will to live, unfortunately. I recommend the Royal Shakespeare Company.
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